Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Education Outside the Classroom

Totara Team 4 – Term 1 week 6 ending 16 March 2018

On Monday the Totara Team went down to see the Volvo boats at Wynyard Quarter we loved it!
 We watched a video about how polluted the ocean is becoming with plastic.
There is almost as much pollution in the ocean as fish.  Next time you go to the beach, if  you see any rubbish please pick it up or else the fish, turtles and other sea life will eat it and die.  At the courtyard Joanie's group got to go on Team Scallywags Volvo boat - they ate freeze dried food like an astronaut!
By Jake & Grace

Scallywag is a Hong Kong race boat that is right now in the Volvo Ocean Race. Half of Totara team was lucky enough to actually be able to experience going on it. Thanks to Emma (Merrick’s) Mum who knew John from team Scallywag. Scallywag has 4 Grinders and 2 steering wheels. The boat is a mono hull. There were 9 in the crew and 1 person taking videos. It must be pretty cramped on board.
By Jamie and India

We went to the Maritime Museum for our inquiry. These are some facts we learnt:
Kupe's wife was the one who was the first to find Aotearoa.  We went below decks in an immigrant ship. The cabins were small and cramped and all they really had were a pillow and blanket. The food was horrible and the ships biscuits were full of weevils. We saw a map done by Captain Cook and some iron that came from his ship.
We could steer a boat inside the museum and we found out about Sir Peter Blake. He was New Zealand's greatest sailor and worked to look after the environment. 
By Zara Baldwin and Estelle

Clapping and cheering was going around me, it was my turn to go on stage at Kelmarna  Gardens Autumn Festival last Sunday. As I read my Haiku confidently I could see the crowd staring at me. When I was finished reading my haiku I heard claps and cheers. I gave the microphone to Adrian and walked off the stage and joined the others that read their Haikus before me. Adrian thanked us all for the Haikus. Steph was bursting with pride!
By Ivy, Sophie P and Kate T

On the 13th of March we did some sport rotation.
 We played T-Ball, hockey, tennis, rugby, netball, scatter ball and basketball.
The games were taught by the teachers from teams 3 and 4.  We had lots of fun but we were tired.  It was better than sitting inside in a hot classroom.
By Sam SW and Harry R

The picnic is on Friday and we are going to have it no matter what the weather. 
Come if you can and bring a blanket to sit on and your picnic. There will be sausages available as well.
The time is 5:00 – 7:30. We hope you can come!
By Henry

Have you seen the caravan outside the hall with Gerald on it?  It’s the Life Education caravan .
It’s here for 2 weeks and each class goes twice.  It helps you look after our community together and also helps children to learn and discover new things.  We are learning from Gerald how to work together as a team.  When children use their brain it expands.
By Lexi and Aless

Learning Pathway Conferences are on Monday 19th of March and Wednesday 21st of March
On Monday the school closes at 12: 40.
 Remember to book your conference time.
 Parents, we know how excited you all are and so are we because we are going to tell you all about our learning.
By Max R
Check out Education Outside the Classroom 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Totara Team 4 - Term 1 week 4 ending 2 March 2018

For art we have been doing turtles, fish and octopi, with our amazing art teacher Joanie. It is so much fun! There was a process we had to follow to complete it.

First we had to copy a printed picture as best as we could. That was our draft. Then we had to go to Joanie to get our good paper and we did lightbox. We blue-tacked the good paper onto our draft, then we stuck it onto the window. We traced the animal onto the good paper then we sharpied it. We cut out our draft, and got ready to spray. There were 3 colours. Red, blue and yellow. We sprayed two of them on and set it to dry. Once it had dried, we got the draft and set it on the picture of the animal to use it as a mask. Then we did a spray that covered the whole picture. Once it had dried we lifted off the mask and it looked amazing!!! Then we did the white pupil for the eye. Then we had finished. They should be on the walls soon, hope you can come and see them. By Eve

At writing time we are doing a recount about swimming. We are following our writing process. First we do a plan. Then we do a draft. After that we edit and we check our writing with a buddy. We give each other two stars and a wish. We then check it with a teacher. If you have done a good job you get to publish. We publish on One Note - it is our new version of word. By Siu

For reading we have started the routine of Daily Five. There are tasks to do, six of them actually, such as Spelling. At first the words are easy because they are all like “the and I” or “and” but then they get harder. Next there is Read to Self which you probably get the picture all you do is read in your head. Also we have got Read to Buddy where you have a buddy (obviously) and then you take turns reading to each other page by page. Apart from that there is Listen to Reading where you listen to books online and follow along with the book in your hand. Reading Eggspress is our last option which helps us learn to read and punctuation. By Ed D

➗➕✖Mathematics with Joanie has been epic and still is. Our focus is to learn all the time tables. Most of us have learnt the basic tables but only a couple know all the tables. We started a new activity called mad minute which is where we have a race to see who is the fastest. Our group names are The Smarties, The Brain-boxes and Little Einstein. In Trish's maths group we are doing rich tasks from Jo Boaler. She is teaching us about Growth Mindset, the power of yet and facts about the brain. Today we had to do a task using only four 4s to make all the numbers 1-20. It was tricky! In Steph’s maths we have been doing rich tasks. We did a task on patterns where we had to figure out how many numbers were in the circles. It was hard but fun. By Sav and Avery

Swimming in Totara has been a blast. Everybody is missing it lot. We are excited for swimming sports in week 6. During swimming we learnt (improved) freestyle, backstroke, dives and breast stroke. The kids were all so enthusiastic when we did swimming at the Tepid Baths.🌊 By Avery

Don’t forget about the picnic 5pm to 7.30pm tomorrow Friday. There is going to be Mr Whippy, sausage sizzle and all kinds of crazy stuff.

Here we are working hard writing the blog for you…

Here is the Seaweek link.  A fantastic marine biology website with videos, quizzes and information.  They are having a competition if some of our budding marine biologists would like to enter

If possible please download Chrome on to your child’s computer before they bring it to school…it’s free!  In our experience all the sites and products we use are more efficient when using the Chrome platform

Kelmarna Gardens
Please remember hats and Kelmarna Gardens is next Friday.  Please email the teachers’ if you can come.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Totara Team 4 – Term 1 Week 2 ending 16 February 2018

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Wow what a busy and fantastic start to the year!  We have heard lovely feedback that the children are happy and eager to be back at school.  There is such a positive atmosphere in the Totara Team and we are very lucky to have Jess with us for three weeks. 

Jess is a secondary teacher who is now re-training as a primary teacher.  She will continue to be with us one day a week until the end of the term after Week 3.  She is using her skills as a music teacher to inspire and engage the children in ukulele lessons and we have discovered some of our students know how to play the ukulele already and have given us a performance.

Thank you to those parents that attended the Meet The Team on Tuesday night.  Our powerpoint for those of you who couldn’t make it is on the blog.

Thank you for your patience with the stationery.  It is still coming in daily and the books will be sent home to be named and covered (if you choose).  If you haven’t paid online yet, please can you do so asap.

The library will be open next week so children will be able to get books out.  Could you also remind them to bring a book to school to read at silent reading time.

Just a reminder that school opens at 8.20am.  Before that is teacher work time when we are very busy getting ready for the day or in meetings.

We have started the term with an IKAN knowledge assessment to identify goals which will inform our teaching.  We are focusing on place value and groups of tens and telling the time.  Please continue to help your child practise and know their times tables.  Once they know 2x, 5x, 10x they can then work on 3x, 4x, 6x.  After that the children can continue on.  The children can also practise their division.

We started the term with a fun piece of writing, creating a poster titled “I Can’t Imagine life Without”.  This gave us an insight into things the children love.  They are on the wall in the hallway so please come in and have a read.  We also learnt about the difference between formal writing and casual “text type” and wrote a text to someone on our “phone” while we were on holiday.  These have been laminated and are hanging up so please come in and have a look.

Joanie is creating beautiful pieces of art with each group - fish, turtles and octopus.  You will have to wait to see these!

Trish is teaching the students internet safety and how to get on to Onenote.

Jess and I have been teaching the students ukulele and team building sport activities.

We are all having a focus on the Bayfield Values creating our Totara tree and what the values mean to the students.

Finally, the students did a bus stop activity where they gave their student voice about the way they want their Totara team to run, how their teachers’ can help them, what inspires them and what they want to learn.

So as you can see, one week in, we have been incredibly busy!!

Kind regards
Steph, Trish, Joanie and Jess