Monday, 25 September 2017

Totara Team 4 - Term 3 Week 10 ending 29 September 2017

Dear Parents and Caregivers
We cannot believe it is nearly the end of term and what a busy term we have had!  We loved the production and we couldn’t have performed it to such a high standard without Sonja’s incredible dancing choreography.  She sure made us work hard.  The children absolutely loved being on stage in front of an audience.  The shaking and the nerves all added to help them perform their very best.  We loved all the other acts as well.  Joanie did a fabulous job of writing a fun script.
It is Sheryl’s last week, again hard to believe.  We are having her farewell assembly 1.30pm on Thursday for those that can make it.  We have been making huge colourful shoes to decorate the hall.  Sheryl often talks about wearing new shoes when starting something new, so we felt it appropriate to remind Sheryl about wearing her new shoes at Owairaka and hopefully they will be comfortable in no time at all.
We had a great time at Herne Bay Tennis with Mr Mustard.  It makes it feel like summer when we start playing tennis.
This Friday we are having our final House Day for the term in the morning.  Please remind your child to wear their house t-shirt or colours.  They can dress up if they feel like it.
Check out the photos of Totara Team dancing

Monday, 11 September 2017

Totara Team 4 – Term 3 week 8 ending 15 September 2017

We are on the countdown now to Production in week 9.  Your child will be asked to bring a coloured t-shirt in a named plastic bag to wear or provide an extra one for someone else if they can.  We must have these by this Friday, as we are having a dress rehearsal.  We are really struggling to find orange and purple t-shirts.  Please let Trish or I know if you don’t have a t-shirt of your colour and we will hopefully be able to sort something out.
Learning in Totara
We are really enjoying using the website for our summarising during guided reading time.  The children are loving the variety of articles from New Zealand, the world, animals and science. 
The clever children have now turned their myths and legends into comic strips and have decorated our hallway beautifully with them.  Please pop in and have a read.
We are coming to the end of our addition and subtraction strategies and will focus on fractions till the end of the term.  Children need to know their times tables to help with these.
Children should not be at school before 8.20am unless for sports practise.
Production 19th, 20th, 21st September
Children to be in their team space at 6.00pm.  Show begins at 6.30pm.  Should be over by 7.45pm.  Children to be signed out from their team space by Steph.  We are the last act so will be there till the end.
We will have tennis at the Herne Bay Club in week 10 on Wednesday 27th September.
Book Bonanza in week 1 of Term 4
Special Visitors & Grandparents morning – Friday 20 October
Kind regards
Steph & Trish

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Totara Team 4 – Term3 week 6 ending 1 September

We are in full swing with practising for the production in week 9.  Please can you remind the children to practise the two dances at home (they are also on the blog), as soon we will only have the music and no video to help us.

Awataha Marae visit
We had a great visit to the marae with lots of learning.  From how to walk on to the marae grounds and be welcomed in a powhiri to eating delicious Maori bread, learning about their ancestors and their art, viewing the new carvings to be placed inside the wharenui, learning ti rakau sticks games, weaving harakeke and finishing with the haka!

The Auckland University Dance students finished their 3 weeks with us, culminating with a dance routine shared in the hall amongst the Years 0-4.  We loved having Kiritina and Kim teach us learn more about ourselves and aspects of diversity in our dances.

The disco was great fun and a riot of colour, dancing and noise.  Thank you to all those that helped with the set up.

Learning in Totara
Summarising and finding key words in texts – fiction and non-fiction.  Lots of silent sustained reading.  Great to see the children choosing their own chapter books and really enjoying the quiet reading time after lunch as well as Trish’s Chapter Chat and novel time. 

The children are finishing their myths and legends and have published them into booklets.  Please come along and read them with your children.  Some of the children have started on beautiful poems expressing themselves through the senses.

We are still continuing with addition and subtraction strategies.  Keep reminding the children to practise their x tables at home and basic facts to 100 and beyond with fast recall.

Children should not be at school before 8.20am unless for sports practise.
Class, individual & sibling photos – 5th September

Production 19th, 20th, 21st September

Te reo Maori

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Totara Times – Term 3 Week 4 ending 18 August

It’s already Week 4 and this term is racing by. We are doing lots of learning and everyone is focusing on their next steps and how to achieve them as they prepare for Learning Conferences next week.
Learning in Totara
The children are continuing to make and explain inferences in the texts that they are reading. They are learning to use the clues in the text to help them have a deeper understanding of what they are reading. Our next focus will be on finding key words and summarising texts.
Most children have successfully completed their myth or legend. We are going to use these narratives to create comic strips and tell their stories in a different way.
We have started our work on strategies for adding and subtracting. Alongside that focus, we are continuing our independent activities and problem solving. Learning times tables is an important part of our work too.
We are moving into our Production work now. The children have chosen the music for their part of the performance and have contributed to the writing of the script. We are beginning to choreograph our dances and think about our costumes.
Children should not be at school before 8:20 am unless they have a sports practice.
Important Dates
School Disco: Thursday this week. 17th September – starts at 6:00pm for Year 4’s
Learning Conferences: Tuesday 22nd August – 2:00-6:00pm
                                         Thursday 24th August -3.30-5.30pm
Awataha Marae visit: Wednesday 23rd August – we leave school @ 9:30pm and will be back by 2pm.  Parents are welcome to come but would need to provide their own transport.  It is at 58 Akoranga Drive, NorthcotePlease let us know if you would like to come.
Class and individual photos: Tuesday 5th September
Production: 19th ,20th and 21st September – details to follow