Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Totara Times – Term 3 Week 4 ending 18 August

It’s already Week 4 and this term is racing by. We are doing lots of learning and everyone is focusing on their next steps and how to achieve them as they prepare for Learning Conferences next week.
Learning in Totara
The children are continuing to make and explain inferences in the texts that they are reading. They are learning to use the clues in the text to help them have a deeper understanding of what they are reading. Our next focus will be on finding key words and summarising texts.
Most children have successfully completed their myth or legend. We are going to use these narratives to create comic strips and tell their stories in a different way.
We have started our work on strategies for adding and subtracting. Alongside that focus, we are continuing our independent activities and problem solving. Learning times tables is an important part of our work too.
We are moving into our Production work now. The children have chosen the music for their part of the performance and have contributed to the writing of the script. We are beginning to choreograph our dances and think about our costumes.
Children should not be at school before 8:20 am unless they have a sports practice.
Important Dates
School Disco: Thursday this week. 17th September – starts at 6:00pm for Year 4’s
Learning Conferences: Tuesday 22nd August – 2:00-6:00pm
                                         Thursday 24th August -3.30-5.30pm
Awataha Marae visit: Wednesday 23rd August – we leave school @ 9:30pm and will be back by 2pm.  Parents are welcome to come but would need to provide their own transport.  It is at 58 Akoranga Drive, NorthcotePlease let us know if you would like to come.
Class and individual photos: Tuesday 5th September
Production: 19th ,20th and 21st September – details to follow

Monday, 7 August 2017

Welcome to Term 3.  I’m really excited and am enjoying my new role in Totara Team, working alongside Trish and back with the children.  We have a very busy term ahead.  I’m doing a lot of learning as well as the children!
Learning in Totara
Our focus was Keeping Ourselves Safe in an elearning environment with Constable Rob. It was extremely valuable and the children were very engaged with their thoughtful comments and questions.  He strongly encourages an elarning safety chat with your children at home.
We have started the term with an art focus, culminating with the Mini Art Exhibition this week on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please come along with before school or after to view your child’s art.  Thank you so much to Sarah and Creghan who helped with the framing, it was much appreciated. If anyone would like to help Annette set up the screens and art on Monday, or take down on Thursday, please could you email her on Annettem@bayfield.school.nz
Our new goals in reading are:
I can look for clues to confirm my predictions and inferences and I can make and explain my inferences using information in the text.  The children are enjoying being detectives and working the questions out using the text.
The first two weeks we had a Measurement rotation, with Trish teaching weight/capacity and Steph Length.  Now we are focusing on Addition and Subtraction strategies.
Term 3 we are learning how to write a myth or a legend using a narrative format.  The children’s narrative will be about how an animal got its feature or how a natural feature was formed eg rain, volcanoes erupting, snow.
Dance Students
Once again we have the dance students from Auckland University coming to teach the children for 6 sessions over the next 3 weeks.  We are very excited and privileged to have them.

Important Dates
The school disco is on Thursday this week, more details to follow.
Learning Conferences  for Year 4:  Week 5 or 6, details to follow.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Totara Times - Week 8

Totara Times – Term 2 Week 8 ending 23 June

We have begun handing out our Relating to Others key competency cards to students who show consistent team work skills and kindness to others. We have been acting out role plays to help us with this key competency to solve conflicts in the playground. We are super impressed with some of the solutions students have been coming up with.
Learning in Totara


We are moving into Multiplication and Division strategies for the last three weeks of term. We have a big focus on problem solving at the moment and students are showing their growth mindset development by challenging themselves to complex word problems.


The Daily 5 has undergone some changes this week with the addition of free writing time and a few changes to enhance spelling lessons. Students have adapted to these changes with ease and are super excited about their free writing time.


Our last information reports this term are focused around Matariki, with our field trip to the Stardome coming up we are interested to see what aspects of Matariki students are able to report on.


Our science inquiry is progressing wonderfully, Trish's group are observing the changes happening to their mould over time and adding interesting insights to their sways. Feel free to pop into the class to see what they are growing. Jordan's group have been looking at the molecular changes that happen inside a chemical reaction and are now thinking about how they can enhance the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar by changing the variables. 


A reminder that students need to be bringing a set of headphones to school each day to ensure they have access to all learning opportunities.

Important dates

Wednesday 21st June – Stardome trip
Friday 23rd June - Sausage Sizzle day 
- orders need to be placed via Wrap it Up by 9:15am NB: popcorn no longer available
Black out mufti day - gold coin donation to KidsCan
Wednesday 28th June - Skip-a-thon 9:10am first performance

Links to other Year 4 work examples :-)

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